Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

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Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

Tehran can be a great place for all types of businesses, as it has many populated districts suitable for stores and shopping centers, and some quiet districts suitable for offices and headquarters. Tehran has 22 districts and, in this post, we are going to discuss which district can be good for each business and compare some important factors between these districts and neighborhoods.

Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

A recent study by Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association titled “using multi-criteria decision-making methods for economic ranking in 22 districts of Tehran to establish financial and commercial centers” has analyzed different districts of Tehran. Decision-matrix was formed with data for each of the 22 regions from nine important indicators including: employment rate, literacy rate, population density, financial and credit centers, commerce rate, health and medical centers, recreational centers, administrative, educational and cultural. According to the study: District 3, and District 6 of Tehran have the best potential for commercial/economical centers.

Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

District 6: Tehran’s Highly Developed District


This district has the first rank among 22 districts of Tehran in many fields. It has the highest literacy rate, and the highest number of educational and cultural centers. This district has the most health clinics and medical centers. It has the most banks and financial institutes. It has the 6th rank for commercial centers.

This district is located in the center of Tehran and covers around 3.2% of Tehran area. This district is bordered by Hemmat Highway from north, Chamran Highway from west, Modares Highway from east, and Enghelab Street from south. This district outperforms the other districts in many of the considered factors.

Some important universities of Iran are located in this district so the population of this district consists mainly of young people.

Suitable for: Educational and administrative companies

Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

District 3: Tehran’s Green District


This is one of the greenest districts of Tehran with more than 73 parks and recreational centers. The green space per capita in this district equals global standards. It includes some of the important streets of Tehran such as: Valiasr, Shariati, and Mirdamad Boulevard.

This district includes one of the biggest sport centers in Tehran “Enghelab Sports Complex”, and an international commercial sweet spot which is Vanak Square (which has a lot of commercial towers).

This district ranks the first among 22 districts in employment rate; and is among top five in all factors except population density which makes it great for headquarters.

Suitable for: International companies, tourist services

Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

District 1: The area of luxury structures


This district includes the most luxurious buildings in the capital combined with traditional and modern architecture. This district is the most upscale place in Tehran and Iran, and it has the most expensive average price for buildings. The famous Tajrish Bazaar is located in this district, and it is very close to hiking spots and Alborz Mountain range. The building in this district are usually large so this place is suitable for businesses who prefer to have an enormous office.

Suitable for: Upscale businesses and headquarters

What Can we do for you?


With around 15 million populations, Tehran ranks the best city in Iran for having a business office. The various districts in Tehran each offer different opportunities for your business to grow. If you are looking for a place to open a reseller store, or open your headquarters in Tehran, Marketpeima team can analyze your needs and suggest you a list of the most suitable places for your business.

Best Districts in Tehran for Businesses

Author : Parasto Piyadeh

(Markepeima Content Team)

Photos by: Hamid Javaherian