How to participate in Iran International Exhibition

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How to participate in Iran International Exhibition

How to participate in Iran International Exhibition

Every year more than 65 international exhibitions are held in Iran. These exhibitions are about many subjects from Robocup to Agriculture, books, and so on. The Iran International Exhibitions Company (IIEC) oversees and operates all international and specialized exhibitions held in Iran.

How to participate in Iran International Exhibition

Exhibitions and fairs are usually crowded in Iran because of different reasons. Many of these international fairs are quite popular with foreign visitors and companies. Exhibitions are the best places to get information about general situation of the market in Iran, to know more about fads and trends in the market and visit company agents in order to start a cooperation.

In this article we are going to tell you the steps that should be taken in order to participate in an international exhibition in Iran:

Legal and executive steps:


The Iran International Exhibitions Company is responsible for holding all international exhibitions in Iran. For each exhibition IIEC appoints some organizers from both private sector and public sector every year. The appointed organizers then are supposed to decide the time and place of the exhibition and to send invitations to related companies.

If your corporation has decided to participate in an exhibition in Iran, the first thing you should do is to express your interest either by calling or sending an email to the organizer. The organizer then sends you an invitation which includes some forms to fill and also the terms of agreement and booth fare. This invitation can be used later to speed visa acquirement; the forms act as pre-registration.

How to participate in Iran International Exhibition

Booth design:


The organizer also sends you the floor plan, and helps you choose a suitable place for your booth. Knowing what your rival companies are doing in this exhibition is essential too, so try to gather information about local companies and international companies present in the exhibition.

After you have chosen a booth or a pavilion, the organizer will let you know of the total cost of the booth and also inform you about the payment methods.



If you want to sell products in this exhibition, or to talk to booth owners, you should use a person who is fluent in Persian. There are always a lot of seminars and conferences in accord with the exhibitions, to participate in those meetings a translator is required. Most managers however have an understanding in English, but if your business is serious and you don’t want any misunderstandings you need someone to interpret Persian for you.

How to participate in Iran International Exhibition



As the exhibitions run for long hours, it is necessary to reside in a hotel which is near to the exhibition center. This can help your employees to spend less time on commute, or if they need to relax they can go to the hotel quickly. It is advised to book your hotel some time sooner than you arrive, because the hotels near the exhibition centers usually get crowded around international exhibitions.

This covers the basic information that you need if you want to participate in an international exhibition, I hope you find this article useful. Don’t forget if you need help in any step of applying for an international exhibition in Iran, we will be there for you. Contact us

How to participate in Iran International Exhibition

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