Marketing consultant Services in Iran

  • publish date : 2018/04/23
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Marketing consultant Services in Iran

Some factors such as consumer’s behavior, competition level and market rules in Iran, has led to significant importance of marketing deliberative services adaptation to enter the market. Certainly, there is no way to compete in this market having no well-established strategy, and it is necessary to investigate dedicatedly all circumstances, before doing any activity. The “MarketPeyma” marketing group provides you all requested consultancies for online marketing and advertising, and will set to run internet marketing activities for your entity.

Marketing consultant Services in Iran.

Why marketing consultancy


New marketing management knowledge exploitation is the key to solve many problems of manufacturing, distribution, and service providing companies, today. The responsibility of a marketing consultant is to define the precise objectives based on comprehensive understanding of customers and market needs and directing your organization towards your reasonable planning to capture the market. Since the current challenge for companies is not product or services production, but is customers’ deficiency and the manner to access target consumers, the marketing consultant assists you to concentrate on the important points.

Business Consultancy


Determining key values of customers, reorganizing branding, improving marketing processes and retailer distribution and sales network, every business alters its production and product delivery constructs and fosters the contexts of maximum profitability and business sustainability.

What does MarketPeyma offer for your business

  • Strategy making and planning
  • Designing and implementation of internet marketing strategy
  • Competitive strategy making for marketing plan
  • Designing the practical forms in marketing plan implementation
  • Price detection and strategy making for pricing

Marketing consultant Services in Iran.


With elevation in business development costs, and competition in different areas as well, using outsourced sales team has emerged as one of the efficient ways for sales promotion. Formative interaction with a professional team for direct marketing of product or services, in addition to cost mitigation, could be an effective step in long-term sales planning.

In this regard, the “MarketPeima” provides needed businesses with well-established services of a professional and experienced sales team. The process is definitely based on the types and working areas of different business sets such as manufacturing, services, and specially knowledge based businesses. However, concerning the stable algorithm provided by “MarketPeima” the common target would be sales promotion and profit elevation.

Collaboration of “MarketPeima” with other validated business entities and legal goods providers is through individual, consultancy or recruitment official contracts, via contact forms, e-mail or phone numbers. Our general approach is towards sales promotion that benefits from spot marketing method for this purpose, which centrally aims to promote sales, while enhancing the number of customers, as well.

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