Social Media Marketing in Iran

  • publish date : 2017/04/18
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Social Media Marketing in Iran



In most cases, the internet is the first place people will look to find information about a business, and everything from its design to its content will have an impact on potential clients and customers. So the power of the internet is limitless. Dissimilar to other forms of media, a website has the potential to reach anyone with online access, which is an estimated 950 million, or 15% of the world’s population.

Telegram: over 24 million users.

 Instagram: over 18 million users.

Local Iranian social media: over 10 million users.

In Active Internet Marketing in Iran, we can help turn these users into your customers through social media marketing. We are expert in creating individual social media content that is tailored to your business, and can effectively advertise your brand throughout Linkedin, Instagram, Telegram and any other social platform that we feel would benefit you.

Social Media Marketing in Iran

Building an online reputation for your business is a key ingredient for success in Iran. Through our experience of the market, language and culture, we can set up and run great Social Media strategies for your business on Iranian Social Media platforms. From Social Media management to monitoring your campaigns, we provide support you can depend on. We produce reports in English, so there’s no need to be fluent in Persian.

How it works?

Let us evaluate your needs before you start pouring money into a costly and time consuming social media Marketing. We assist our clients to listen, understand and engage in conversations on social media channels. We engage in Zoomit, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram,local Persian social media  and many more depending on the brand.

Step By Step

Target Analysis

Content translation

Key influencer Placements

Feedback and monitoring

Social Media Marketing in Iran

By understanding the Iranian market, language, aesthetics and culture — we help global brands improve sales, build advocacy and engage Iranian customers through Iranian Social Media.

All of our services are available in both English and Farsi languages.

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Social Media Marketing in Iran