Influencer Marketing in Iran

Influencer Marketing in Iran

Influencer Marketing in Iran

Influencer Marketing in Iran

Influencer Marketing in Iran

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing that puts the focus of the marketing strategy on key influential people of a society rather than the target audience. Influencers of a society are different from influencers of another society, because people of different communities have different tastes. In this post we are going to tell you about influencer marketing in Iran.

Influencer Marketing in Iran

Influencers in Iran


If you want to know about the impact that influencers can have over the public, you can refer to the  Kermanshah earthquake, in November  2017 in Iran. After the earthquake some organizations and some celebrities asked people’s help for the victims of the earthquake. Among these celebrities three of them were able to raise huge amounts of money to help the victims of the earthquake. One of them Ali Daei, is a former captain of Iranian national soccer team, the other Javad Khiabani, a sports broadcaster and commentator, and the last one Sadegh Zibakalam, a professor of politics in the University of Tehran. These people asked people on their social media pages (Instagram, Telegram, etc.) to help them raise money for the troubled people. The fact is they were more successful than most organizations in doing so.

Iranian celebrities are quite popular among the mass, and they are quite active on their social media and national media too. This makes the process of marketing easier because the influencers are already in touch with their fans, they have access to literary millions of people’s hearts.

Types of Influencers in Iran


Lifestyle: These people are famous for the particular lifestyle that they carry. It can be the lifestyle of a bodybuilder or the lifestyle of a makeup artist. People have an eye for unique lifestyles.

Sports: Iranians love sports, and they follow it with great enthusiasm. They follow their favorite athletes on social media, and fiercely support the teams that they like.

Entertainment: People such as actors, actresses, directors, news anchors, comedians are popular in most communities. Iran is no exception.

Comedian: Comedians are people who post funny stories on their social media pages. Iranian people tend to follow comedians to get the latest jokes on social, political, and cultural issues.

How to Do Influencer Marketing Successfully in Iran


Influencer marketing strategies can be surprisingly successful provided that they are laid out correctly. You can use billboards, campaigns on TV, or just social media platforms. However, you should be careful that your marketing strategy should be consistent with the general public opinion.

You should have a well-planned scenario, and execute it step by step with precision and patience. After a while you can enjoy the success that you get from influencer marketing.

Market Peyma has a comprehensive understanding of Iranian influencers, and have cooperated with them in the past. We can help you in any step of your influencer marketing strategy, from concept to execution. Be brave and creative in your marketing ideas and if you ever need any help, we will be there for you.

Influencer Marketing in Iran

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