What costs you should take into consideration before traveling to Iran?

What costs you should take into consideration before traveling to Iran?

What costs you should take into consideration before traveling to Iran?

traveling to Iran

Due to its rich cultural and historical heritage, Iran has recently become one of the most popular destinations for many curious tourists. However, another reason for the rise in tourism industry in comparison with other neighboring countries would be the cost. Iran is a fairly budget friendly destination for young generation of tourists. According to latest polls on TripAdvisor Website, most, not so say all, tourists were highly satisfied with budget required for a holiday in Iran. But what costs you should take into consideration before traveling to Iran ?

traveling to Iran


For getting a visa, we would highly recommend you to register for Iran tourist visa and apply to collect the visa in advance. However, you can get a “Visa On Arrival “at the airport with the documents required.

Visa on Arrival fees entirely depends on your nationality, but it would not exceed 100 euros. (20 to 100 euros, so make sure to have some cash.

traveling to Iran


The cost for transportation varies highly based on public ones and the taxis. Public transportation is very budget friendly regardless of the city or the hour. The best way for getting around in the capital, Tehran, is definitely Metro. It has currently 6 lines, one going directly from airport to city center. Subways are normally on time and a single trip ticket would be 0.20 euro.

One great thing about transportation in Iran, is the large number of yellow taxis, available almost everywhere at any time of the day. For an average trip in the city that would cost around 4 euros.

traveling to Iran



High-end hotels are pretty expensive in big cities like Tehran, Kashan or Isfahan. For A single bedroom in a 4-star hotel, you would be charged not less than 80 euros. On the other hand, with the tectonic shift in tourism industry in Iran, traditional hustles are emerging every day. You can find these traditional hustles in big or small cities, with the price of 15 euros for a night. A deal breaker could be the lack of services or facilities such as Wifi in these houses if they are located in remote places such as Yazd or Lout deserts

traveling to Iran


One of the most appealing attractions in Iran, to say the least, would be Iranian food. With rich recipes and continental flavors, Iranian food has solely attracted many. Luxury traditional restaurants would charge you from 10 to 30 euros per meal, while in normal restaurants you can get the same dish for around 4 euros. Big cities are filled with all kind of fast foods, or takeaways, so if you worry about the exotic tastes and flavors, you can always serve yourself at these places.

Another word that’s worth mentioning here is about tipping. Tipping in ordinary restaurants isn’t customary, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate it. In luxurious restaurants on the other hand, they would charge you with some extra fees for services, which is considered as a tip.

Regarding the costs, travelling to Iran as appealing as it seems, may cause you some unexpected prices contradictory to the one ones provides above. For instance if you consider buying food from on-road restaurants, or take a taxi in the middle of the night, they may charge you for the double price. Make sure to have enough cash with you, if you are wandering around the city after midnight.

What costs you should take into consideration before traveling to Iran

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